View Full Version : [ubuntu] external mic not working

September 14th, 2009, 06:08 PM
Ironically in a Ubuntu server training and my mic is not working. I have a Dell XPSM1330 laptop, and I have a set of headphones with 2 adapters, 1 for spearks, 1 for microphone. The speakers are fine, but when I try to use the mic, I just realized it's still using the local mic on the laptop (not the one plugged in).

Pref/Sound shows the sound capture as HDA Intel - STAC92xx Analog (PulseAudio). I have the right click sound, preferences everything checked to see. Under the recording tab, eveything ha the mute x on it. I can uncheck, but when I close, it doesn't save and returns to that same x. I tried both as myself as well as sudo'd with the same results.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.