View Full Version : [ubuntu] Second account has limited usability?

September 13th, 2009, 01:33 AM
Hi all. My cat broke my computer, so for the time being, I'm using my wife's. She has Ubuntu 9.04, same as I had, but I seem to be having a little issue. On her account, everything works smoothly. I set it all up for her, as she is a former Windows user and knew squat about Linux until I showed her. I added another user under my name and set it to Administrator. I have administrative privileges with it (i.e., "sudo" commands) but there are a few issues with other things. Under "visual effects" I can enable "extra" on her user account and get "wobbly" windows. However, when I try to do it under the new user, I get the error: Desktop effects could not be enabled. Also, even though my wireless works, the Network Manager Applet does not appear under my user account. What could cause these issues? I've made multi-user systems with Ubuntu before, and never had problems like this. Any ideas?

PS: I am a fairly seasoned Linux user, so scripts, terminal commands, and hacks are not a problem for me.

Edit: I found a strange quirk. I tried logging out of her account before logging into mine. It seems that these problems only exist if I switch users, leaving her account logged in. If I log out first, then log into mine, the issues disappear. This sort of solves the problem but makes it inconvenient to switch users as it takes considerably longer.

September 13th, 2009, 01:45 AM
I don't know about the desktop effects, but as far as network manager goes, That has always been the case for me. I Thought it just a quirk of the OS. It only appears for the first user that logs in.