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September 10th, 2009, 10:43 PM
Hello there:

This is sort of a Sugestion/Need.

We have been reading lately all the chat regarding new android phones, and that ubuntu will have an app execution environment for android apps.

My personal opinion is that we should have a completely opensource OS linked to ubuntu in a certain way. Which means liked to Debian in a certain way too. That way would have seamless integration and syncing between desktop and phone.

I am not programmer. But with new phone models i presume we could make sort of a "distro" for mobile phones. Not for any processor, because is nonsense, but lets say for example for Qualcomm processors.

UPHOS or UPHO (ufo/ufos) with the ubuntu logo with an sphere in center just like the old flying saucers of '50s movies because they just seem to come from outter space and move on the air, just like UPHOS would move on wireless networks and comes from outter space as now mobile world is much more closed than anything.

So i ask for a new Category, wich should be UPHO/UPHOS (ubuntu phone os) UFO/UFOS (ubuntu fone os). And involve some team in developing some proof of concept.

Start is not Zero, as there is LiMo, and Maemo. But one thing should be a must is something all phones up to date i know lack: multilanguage. I love SCIM though has some bugs yet, but allows me to use any language on my computers, but can not do same on my mobile phone. This is a big paradox, as it is presumed that mobile bring people closer, but actually i need to buy a chinese mobile phone to write chinese to chinese people, a russian phone to write russian to russian people, same for japanese....

Well, for today is enough. More when i have more time.

Regards everyone, and Thanks.