View Full Version : Ubuntu on a Netbook

September 6th, 2009, 02:15 PM
My wife bought an HP Netbook with a solid state drive and Windows XP. It was cheap and she used it in a class and the class is over. Now she will use it only to check email when she is at coffee shops or her sister's house (sister has a wireless router). But the thing gets automatic Windows updates far too often and the antivirus software will not shut up about wanting her to buy updates. And the thing seems to be slowing down with each Windows update.

So I am considering installing Ubuntu netbook remix. Can I put this on an SD card and boot from the card, so she can try it for a while before I trash the old operating system?

She is not extremely computer literate but she could learn Firefox easily and access her webmail with it. Frankly she probably would not notice the change from IE to Firefox.