View Full Version : [ubuntu] Menumaker problems: ./mmaker: command not found

Bucky Ball
September 6th, 2009, 07:03 AM
Hi. I am using Openbox (not Gnome-Openbox) and attempting to install MenuMaker.

I got it happening on my own machine last night with the help of this site:


But am having problems on my wife's computer. I have menumaker extracted and am in the appropriate folder. When I issue this command in a terminal:

tar xzvf menumaker-0.99.7.tar.gzI get this error message everywhere:

Cannot utime: Operation not permitted
I can get to the right place to run menumaker by issuing:

cd menumaker*... but when I try to run Menumaker I get this:

anna@Lounge:/media/musicvid/Debs/menumaker-0.99.7$ ./mmaker OpenBox3
bash: ./mmaker: Permission denied
anna@Lounge:/media/musicvid/Debs/menumaker-0.99.7$ sudo ./mmaker OpenBox3
sudo: ./mmaker: command not found
Any ideas? Love to get this going as just getting obsessed with OpenBox! Ask for more info if required.