View Full Version : [ubuntu] SSH Work to Home (via Proxy) = Systematically disconnected after a short while !?

September 2nd, 2009, 09:52 AM

I setup OpenSSH on a mini server at home (powered by Crunchbang). This works fine.
However when I connect from WORK I'm disconnected very quickly after a few dozens of seconds...

As summary the ways I connect :

Home PC (ubuntu) --> Home Router --> internet (via dyndns) --> Home Server : Everything is OK, never been disconnected

Work PC (windows with putty or winscp) --> Proxy --> internet (via dyndns) --> Home Server : Connection OK but systematicaly disconnected after 1-2 minutes

I browsed the web and tried a few "keep alive" parameters/tricks but no way.
I also tries to setup debug traces into Putty and Winscp but I cannot find something strange.
I suspect Work proxy/firewalls but does anyone know how to diagnose and fix this ?