View Full Version : [ubuntu_studio] system hangs on Update manager

September 1st, 2009, 11:01 PM
Hello to ubuntu forums;
I just installed ubuntu studio 9.04 (jaunty) on my Dell Inspiron E1705 (1GB RAM, 160 GB HD). I downloaded the install DVD from the Ubuntu Studio web site and burned the DVD on my fedora 11 system. The installation went great, then the first time I logged on, the package manager notified me that I had 233 files of software updates, so I clicked on the Install Updates button. The small window "Downloading Package Files" appeared, the first file downloaded ok but on "Downloading file 2 of 233" the entire system just hung. No mouse and keyboard does not respond. I powered the system off and tried again with the same result. I tried "sudo apt-get upgrade" from a terminal but that just popped another Update Manager window that also hung.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

September 1st, 2009, 11:35 PM
Hi, try changing your download server in Software Sources (System>Admin>Software Sources) to another one then reload the package list and try updating again.

September 2nd, 2009, 03:39 AM
Thank you Partyboi2,
I was able to get through the 233 files by changing the server, although the system still hung about 6 or 7 times to get all 233 files. Fortunately the update manager saved its progress so that when I had to power down start again, the update manager began where it had left off.