View Full Version : [gnome] Annoying gnome bugs that nobody bothers to fix

August 31st, 2009, 06:12 AM
My desktop of choice has been Linux w. Gnome since 2002. And to my disappointment, the current gnome version has the same old bugs that nobody bothers to fix and spoil all the fun in using a Linux desktop.

Here's only a few:

When downloading a video and saving it in the desktop, gnome-thumbnailer constantly tries to get a caption of the video and create a thumbnail. But since the video file is being changed and as its size grows, this process never stops to the point that it takes up to 100% of the CPU. Any user who downloads a video to his desktop folder (and many do since it's most browsers' default option), will bottleneck the entire system. Bug was there in 2002, bug is still there in 2009.
Headphones jack. When one plugs his headphones in, he'd expect the speakers to shut. Well, not in Gnome. Gnome guys, please fix this because it's horrible.
KDE applications when running in Gnome, can bring the entire X server down to the point it won't even restart with alt-ctrl-backspace. Some times a hard reboot is required. This is just ridiculous. Even Microsoft systems aren't *THAT* unstable nowadays.
CPU Scaling. When a user selects *Performance* and the system reboots, his selection is forgotten. Is it that hard to fix that bug? It's been there for ages!

I'm certain I have found a lot more but I can't recall them all now. You guys who read this could you please share your experience with gnome? Have those been escalated already?