View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu newbie and sound via HDMI

August 30th, 2009, 01:02 PM
Hello everyone, im a total newbie to Ubuntu and new to this forum!

Im in dire need of some help to configure the sound on my computer.

Ive recently bought an Asrock ION 330 Nettop to use as a HTPC connected to my LCD-TV, Samsung 40S71. I dont have any home cinema sound system and was thinking just to let both video and audio go via the HDMI-port. Since im a newbie tho, this wasnt that easy......

I have installed the latest recommended Ubuntu desktop edition (9.04) without any problems and i have updated with every update available via the update manager.

In System->Sounds ive chosen "HDA Nvidia NVIDIA HDMI (ALSA) for all the sound playback options and "ALSA" as sound capture and "HDA Nvidia (Alsa mixer) as device for default mixer tracks. I also tried to create a file called .asoundrc and put it in my home map and commenting/uncommenting some options according to a guide i found and in alsamixer I unmuted IEC958 1 in alsamixer according to a guide:

Still no luck though so i plugged in my sucky PC-speakers and changed System->Sounds again to HDA nvidia VT17085 Analog (OSS) and now at least the sounds work when i login etc. But this is no solution for the long run as id very much like to have audio via my TV-speakers which are way better.

Mp3 doesnt work at all with analog output when played with rhythmbox (is it really necessary to install a mp3 codec for a mp3 player?)

I havent installed any drivers at all and i dont know where to start. Do i need the latest NVIDIA graphics driver for ION (185.18.36) to get the sound to work? Do i need it for graphics as im about to install XBMC or are the ones included in Ubuntu 9.04 sufficient?

And how, how, how can i get audio via HDMI?

Please help as i am about to throw my Asrock out the window .. :)