View Full Version : [ubuntu] No Mouse right click menu on my 9.04 netbook mix

August 30th, 2009, 11:41 AM
i got an ASUS eee pc 100HA (10 Inch)

i installed Ubuntu netbook remix on it,
it is working fine..

only thing is i dont get any kind of menu when i use my mouse right click..

not even the simple menu we get on ubuntu desktop when we right click our mouse.

so how do i get the menu for Right Clicking mouse (Mouse right button click)?

or is it completely disabled ion netbook remix?

also...usually when we select normal desktop effects.. compiz is slected..

i did that... and then i tried doing settings through "CompizConfig settings manager" but it gives errors..wont show many of the settings..and i am not able to enable/disable any of the options.

so i have switched back to "no effects"

any suggestions on both the problems?