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August 29th, 2009, 03:23 AM
Hey guys. So, I had a computer with Ubuntu and Windows installed on it just sitting around and I decided to give it away. I popped in my gparted live cd and deleted the partitions. I then made a new partition and chose NTFS for my file system. But, when it was growing the partition something froze and gparted would no longer work.

So, here's my question/problem... Now, when gparted shows me my NTFS partition it shows the size of the partition, the amount used, and the amount of space free. What is interesting here is it shows 232 GB as the partition size, 72 GB used, and 232 GB free. Now, I believe the file system may be screwed up but I am unable to fix it no matter how hard I try. I want to be able to install Windows XP for the guy I'm giving it to but I always get the PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED blue screen error when trying to install. I also cannot get into Windows repair in order to use chkdsk. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

August 29th, 2009, 03:33 AM
What Ubuntu version CD are you using for this? I noticed you have 7.10 list as the version your using. If your using that CD, try a more later version like Jaunty. (Karmic may work but its alpha so I'm not really suggesting it) or look around for a Utility (Prehaps a up to date Gparted?) that can clear it.