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August 28th, 2009, 10:52 PM
Hey people i just thought that ubuntu users like you and i, need some time just to relax and chill instead of working all the time... i know im not much help when it comes to ubuntu but i believe that we all need time to relax instead of work so... in this thread i shall give links to things i think will help you relax chill out, and enjoy ubuntu forums!

lets start simple... we all can enjoy one thing and that is, Music


couple of online websites to get you started are:

this one is helpful if you know what you want to listen to...

This one is the most useful one in my opinion. sign up for free look for your favourite music and my favourite feature is the radios... always visit them, expand your music knowledge!

Next thing is one thing we all know, Youtube!


alright i know we all have our favourite videos and all that but i shall try and find some good videos and things i think ubuntu users will enjoy, or even find useful! right now i can't post anything but i will post soon.

a great thing i think you will like is funny blogs or similar!

Blogs are great read, funny and even helpful (most of the time helpful)
i will be searching for things like this...

this is it (for now!!!!) this is just a start and please dont say it sucks or anything cos i only started it now and this will be updating!

tell ubuntu friends if you like it!

August 28th, 2009, 10:57 PM
I got two jobs and a full 15 credit fall schedule. You can't make me relax!! I refuse... oh LOLcatz

*hanzomon4 is now a zombied process*