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August 28th, 2009, 03:30 PM
hi guys
i am new to linux .i want to install linux on myhdx 16 and start learning it..
my problem is since i am new i dont knw to find and install driver s in linux.
so i heard that most hardware work after install,so can u specify which of the following work in the following devices.
1.intel t9550 2.66 ghz
2.4 gb ddr2 ram
3. GT 130M Nvidia gforce graphic card
4.idt audio driver
5.broadcam bluetooth
6.5100 agn wireless network adapter
7.realtek rtl 8168c /8111c family pci gigabit ethernet adapter
8.eic IR reciever
9.avertec tv tunner
10.usb finger print reader
11.card reader

please help.hdx 16 owner who use linux share ur experice.do all these get installed by default.or i hav to find differt drivers..if so please specify the links u used

i got confused on seeing this http://h30434.www3.hp.com/psg/board/message?board.id=Hardware&thread.id=4928
i think it maY BE USEFULL FOR U GUY .HELP ME:guitar:

August 28th, 2009, 04:40 PM
ubuntu will come with drivers already loaded once you install so all will work...only should you choose to use better drivers will you have to activate them but you dont have to go searching for anything...ubuntu will do it for you 90% of the time unless you have some strange far off hardware. Example...if you want to use compiz you will have to set up 3d graphics which will require a proprietary driver...but all you have to do is activate thru System>Admin>hardware Drivers and ubuntu will download and activate them for you. I suggest you learn on Dual Booting...then dual boot ubuntu with your choice of other OS so that you can learn ubuntu but still be able to fully function since you are new on your other OS!