View Full Version : [ubuntu] Complied install Ebox 3300 NIC ubuntu 8.04 needed

August 28th, 2009, 01:28 PM
First off?

I am not a complete nub when it comes to linux. But I may actually demote myself. I'm getting halted on a NIC setup.

I have read the thread on ebox 3300 NIC r6040 and Ubuntu. I'm still an in the dark. I ran the instructions makefile and what? How did that help me on doing a new install?

WOuld some clap it out barney style of exactly how I'm going to get that driver onto an install CD so I can do mean things to my ebox??

The work Linux machine I have is ubuntu 8.04 running on a VM.

Second -

I've tried every which way I know to see a CF card in the partitioner. Again please feel free to slap me around and explain why I can't it thereby I can't install to it either.

I'm using a CF card reader to extract and write an ISO via Unetbootin?

Please help