View Full Version : [ubuntu] Default resolution different than one in XP - How do i change?

August 28th, 2009, 08:24 AM
i have dual boot Jaunty and XP

I am using a LG 18.5" Wide Screen LCD Monitor

The default resolution i use in XP 9WHich the monitor supports)
is 1280X800

In ubuntu when i go to diplay properties it shows odd resolutions in the list

the only resolution it shows which matches the monitor defaults is 1024X768.

The resolution set by Ubuntu is 1280X960 ..which does not arrange my display properly to fit my screen.

I wnat to change it to 1280X800 ..what do i have to do?

I tried configuring compiz and set the resolution to 1280X800 but it does not set it.

Every other setting related to display is working fine but how do i change my resolution to 1280X800??