View Full Version : [ubuntu] ubuntu install partitions on xp whit 2 partitions and dvd iso image burning help

August 28th, 2009, 05:16 AM
salute my dear friends
i write u today cause i wanted help in installing ubuntu on windows xp service pack2 and i have a C: partition and a K: and a i wanted to install ubuntu and i dont know if that is possible cause i have 2 partition already and dont know if it would mess up any config or crash the sys or else but im a noobie on ubuntu and i wanted first to take to a drive in a part so i can know it and then install it full it , but first i wanted to practice, cause im sick o windows limited options and i wanted a new fresh start whit something more open minde, and the other question is im downloading the ubunto iso image but i only haven a dvd burner cause my cd burner is fry:P and i wanted to know if when i format fully my system it would read from a dvd or external memory that i use to save all my important stuff. :D:D help me if can u plis

August 28th, 2009, 05:32 AM
drive do have a limit as to how many partitions they can have.

if you install inside windows, it add one partitions

i think when you install while booted off of the live CD it makes 2 partitions (i might be wrong about that) the extra partition is for virtual memory.

either way you should still be within you partition limits.

and i always use CDs, but DVDs should work, it depends on your computer BIOS.

i didn't use any disk (CD or DVD) when i first tried ubuntu. i just mounted the iso using deamon tools (for windows), and installed inside windows from the mount.

for long-term use, i suggest installing while booted off of the liveCD. installing inside windows is ok to just test it out(i have a long story about why)

August 28th, 2009, 05:54 AM
:D:D thanks mate :D so im just finishing of downloading ubuntu and i will do as you suggest and mount a dameon image and just run it from there until i get a cd copy so i can install it fully and this would be my test drive for making all the mess here and not when is the main OS lol.
if u have any suggestion or advice on where or how i should get started im all ears, i downloaded the free ubuntu pocket guide to guide me but then again dont know if thats the best for me :D:DD:D and thanks a lot for that fully remarkable answer :P it help me a lot thanks

Mark Phelps
August 28th, 2009, 02:35 PM
if you install inside windows, it add one partition

Actually, no it doesn't. It creates a file which looks like a partition to Ubuntu, but it doesn't create a new partition on the drive itself. This is especially useful to folks who have a preisntalled Vista machine that already has four partitions and don't want to mess with repartitioning their drive.

August 29th, 2009, 06:24 AM
if u have any suggestion or advice on where or how i should get started im all ears, i downloaded the free ubuntu pocket guide

the pocket guide is good, but i never really used it much.

what kind of things are you trying to do with linux? host a site, play games, program?

i just started using ubuntu about 6 months ago, i'm a huge supporter of linux now.

my grandma was complaining about how slow her computer is. (all she really does is email and online banking/credit cards). so i wiped out vista, and put ubuntu on her computer, and she loves it. People say you need to be an expert to use linux, but not with ubuntu, my grandma doesn't even know what a folder is, and she can use ubuntu just fine.

personally, i have found 2 (and only 2) drawbacks to ubuntu vs. XP.

1) adobe cs4. i haven't found any open source equivalent to flash, dreamweaver, photoshop, or fireworks. the programs i've used so far don't really compare, especially flash. i've been learning processing, hoping to someday replace flash with it.

2)full screen video "flickers". for example if i go to hulu, and play it in full screen, it seems to refresh too slow. i posted a thread on this forum, and someone told me just to not use full screen. :-s

those two drawbacks are totally out weighed by the benefits of: speed, "freeness", control, stability, and did mention that is free, (not pirated but just free legally).