View Full Version : [ubuntu] Bizzare Video Problem -- Character Smudging! Related to skype?

August 27th, 2009, 01:44 AM
hello world

ok, now that i have that out of the way, i'm a newbie to ubuntu having only been a casual linux user intermittently earlier. enough of the S&M pain of the MS style got me walking, my data slung in a clothbag on a stick until i'd built a moat between me and... i digress.

my point being -- i'm totally enjoying getting to learn the intricacies of using ubuntu. a sea change in linux usability from when i (through my bro) saw it in the late 90s, having to write conf scripts and install drivers manually. Great to have this big support forum now.

Ok, enough riffraff. On to the problem at hand ---

my machine is a Dell XPS M1210 with a built-in webcam, and an intel HDA "sigmatel" sound card which has a built in microphone as well. apart from the built in vga on the motherboard, i have an nvidia goforce 7400 installed. the hardware drivers for it have been enabled, as detected & supplied by ubuntu.

i installed ubuntu. yay.
i added the medibuntu repository and installed skype. yay.
i hunted through the audio devices & got sound to work. yay.
i twiddled with the devices till i got my mic to record. yay.
i went into video devices, and lo! behold ubuntu has my webcam ready. yay.

everything's well right? except i notice this strange issue -- after some time of use the characters on my skype window got smudged! i know, weird. didn't help if i minimized my window, because after a few seconds more and more characters would get smudged. i tried closing the chat window and opening it again, and sometimes this clears it up and sometimes it doesn't. but there's no telling if it won't come back.

i'd have thought this problem a skype bug, except it also affected other programs! see the attached screenshot where it's making my vlc player illegible as well. see skype hiding up in the system panel, it's still running.

so two questions --
1. has anybody else seen or faced this issue?
2. is there a way to explain it?

i'd also ask for a way to fix it, but it's already interesting enough with those two. suggestions welcome, of course.

and no, it did not happen before i installed skype (ver