View Full Version : [ubuntu] Zen Mozaic will not mount! :[

August 26th, 2009, 01:03 PM
Hello Everybody,

I just received a Creative Zen Mozaic from Creative themselves and when attached via the USB dongle to any available USB port, Ubuntu does not recognize / mount it as a volume!

I have installed all the relevant MTP packages, I think. I have been trying to get Amarok or Gnomad2 to recognize it but that seems pointless when it does not even show up as a mounted volume on my desktop. I am puzzled. It charges via USB fine, so if anybody has any ideas what is going on I would be most appreciative of any help or advice :]

If I cannot get it going tomorrow I will have to resort to going to the parents' house with my Linux tail between my legs and using XP to transfer songs onto it, as I only intend to fill it up and don't really add or remove files from my MP3 players very often.

BTW, the player itself looks and feels great and works well; if Creative could get the software / firmware end of their game sorted, they would have a lot more "converts" I feel, but I'd rather this than a Nano anyday.