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August 26th, 2009, 12:27 PM
Please can someone help. I have just changed from windows xp to Ubuntu 9.04 and really like it. My problem is trying to install the new version of kmymoney 1.0. I have no computer knowledge and haven't a clue how to install it after downloading the current version.

Please can someone tell me how to install this in really easy steps.

Thanks for your time and patience if you answer my plight.

August 26th, 2009, 01:17 PM
Hi, its easier to install software that is available in the Ubuntu repos, if you don't mind using 0.9.2-1 version you can open a terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal) and install with

sudo apt-get install kmymoney2

August 26th, 2009, 01:29 PM

KMyMoney2 v1.0.0 is available from this PPA:

For information on how to add a PPA to your source list, please see here: