View Full Version : [ubuntu] network proxy in 9.04 ignored hosts issue

August 25th, 2009, 06:29 AM

hopefully someone can help me out. i'm using the network proxy settings in ubuntu 9.04.

i have the proxy setup and it works fine, but there are a few things I need to not use the proxy on. so i put in
for the domain names, but there are some just by ip blocks.

for example in the enterprise I work at there are a lot of 10.x.x.x servers not in dns. so I tried to add, but i still couldn't reach the 10.x.x.x server that I wanted. I added in the /32 for the server and it worked fine.

however with the amount of servers out there this will get unwieldy.

is there an issue with the network proxy and a certain prefix length? if so is there a work around?


August 26th, 2009, 12:08 AM