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August 25th, 2009, 06:00 AM

I would like to extract the audio from YouTube videos and have it be in .mp3 format (preferably @ 192 kbps). However, I would like to be able to select the time from when to start the extraction process and the time when the process should end. This is because some of the videos I want to extract the audio from has some parts in the beginning and in the end that I'm not interested in. So, basically, I would wanna extract from t=a to t=b. Thank you in advance for your help.

August 25th, 2009, 06:03 AM
try using winFF

sudo apt-get install winff

August 25th, 2009, 06:19 AM
I'm pretty sure the non-'HQ' youtube videos 64K (aprox) mono audio, and the HQ 128K?

August 25th, 2009, 10:31 AM
But how would I extract from a certain time and end at a certain time? I don't think winFF lets you do that.

August 25th, 2009, 10:35 AM
Use VLC! it's easy =).. If u want some step by step istructions, i'm here!

Sysc, A

August 25th, 2009, 11:13 AM
I was in a similar situation b4..

I really liked MobileMedia converter.

sudo apt-get install mobilemediaconverter

you can also get movies from youtube and convert them.

August 25th, 2009, 08:47 PM

August 26th, 2009, 04:31 AM
Use VLC! it's easy =).. If u want some step by step istructions, i'm here!

Sysc, A
I would appreciate some step by step instructions...thanks :)

August 26th, 2009, 08:02 AM
Hi! Well..

1) Have VLC installed on the system [obvious]..
I assume that u have your "video_from_youtube.flv" ..
2) Start VLC > Media> Advanced Open
3) Press "Add" button and pick the "video_from_youtube.flv" file..
4) Under that, select the output file destination ..
5) Press the little button in the bottom of the window, it will appear a little menu, then press
6) it will open a new window, then in the "profile" combo, select "Audio mp3", [near that u can find a button with the settings for the audio output, if u select the third sheet, u can find all the audio parameters]
7) Press start and then, wait the time that it needs..

Sysc, A