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August 24th, 2009, 06:11 PM

Once again I am looking for some advice or assistance.
I have completed a full install of Mythbuntu 9.04 and I currently do not have a TV card. So at the moment plan just to use this to play my library of divx, xvid and MKV HD films and TV episodes.

As I am getting to grips with this O/S I have also installed ubuntu 9.04 on another machine to become more familiar with ubuntu Linux os.

At the moment i am having problems just playing any one of the xvid, divx or mkv files on mythbuntu front end. Firstly to get the Mythbuntu front end to see my video file I copy it to the 'var/lib/mythtv/videos' directory. Then in the frontend I navigate to 'Utilities / Setup' >> 'Video Manager' and edit some of the details of the videos I have just added, such as catergory etc... I check the box 'Play File After This' and then choose done.

Now I navigate to 'Media Library' >> 'Watch Videos' and I can see the videos in there. However when I choose one to watch I get the screen saying loading then it closes and I am put back to a login screen. I login again which launches mythbuntu frontend again, so im back to square one.
I have also tried to lauch these files from the desktop using VLC/Mplayer and xine, to which same thing happends, throws me back to a login prompt too quick for me to see the error message.

Funny thing is these files play fine using VLC or mplayer on my ubuntu desktop (other machine) so i think the problem is not with my video files.

Can anyone help me here please with the config, i think i may have to install further codecs. I have been searching, googling all day ("Mythbuntu""mkv") however not getting any joy or anyone else who seem to have the same problem.

Any help is much appreciated!

Steve :)

August 24th, 2009, 10:54 PM
Hi all,

After further investigation I realised I had not installed all the latest codecs found in the Mythbuntu Control Center (MCC) - propitiatory codecs.
Once done now all of my video files play no problems.