View Full Version : [wubi] Can i install wubi on a simple partition?

August 24th, 2009, 05:18 PM
I have Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my quad core system. By accident I have made the partitions of my disk dynamic. Can i install wubi on a simple partition and will wubi, grub work?

August 24th, 2009, 05:39 PM

Bucky Ball
August 24th, 2009, 05:40 PM
Why Wubi? Why not just install on a partition and dual-boot? Faster OS that way.


August 24th, 2009, 06:52 PM
Ubuntu live CD doesn't show the simple dynamic partitions, that's why. I had accidentally created a dynamic disks and none of my partitions are primary partitions. Hence, is there any method by which I can install ubuntu on these partitions?

August 25th, 2009, 03:49 AM
I have my problem solved. I can install ubuntu on a dynamic disks. I posted the same question at linuxquestions.org and I found a solution: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/can-i-install-ubuntuwubi-on-a-simple-dynamic-ntfs-partition-749928/

Thanks for your help, guys!