View Full Version : [ubuntu] Rosewill RC-211 vs Regular Software RAID

August 24th, 2009, 02:47 PM
I recently purchased a Rosewill RC-211 RAID controller, under the (foolish) belief that this will be a standalone raid card. After installing ubuntu and doing some research it seems that this card is nothing but than an SATA controller with RAID drivers for windows.

I'm attempting to build a file/media server and would really appreciate advice/opinions on the following:

Is there any advantages/disadvantages to using this raid "controller" vs just plugging in the two drives into the motherboard. If I'm not mistaken I would have to configure software raid on both regardless?

Another point to consider is the card sits next to an older, actively cooled 8600GT which seems to generate heat, would this limit the lifespan/performance of the card or further adds to the case of not using it?

Also are there any recommended guides for setting up the raid (note the system sits on a separate drive).

Thank you!

December 10th, 2010, 09:19 AM
I'm in the exactly same situation except I have a Rosewill rc-212 card.

Ubuntu Disk Utility lists 2 disks 'tagged' as RAID Component. When I try to format one of the disks, its 'tag' gets removed and when I access raid controller's utility, RAID array appears broken.

Is there any Rosewill RAID driver for ubuntu?