View Full Version : [ubuntu] Strange portable devices issues- Help

August 23rd, 2009, 06:35 PM
So I am tired of looking for an answer I cant find.
My case number one:
I have a 38g Mp3 player (Creative Zen (MTP)that was working fine on Ubuntu 9.04. It got stuck someday trying to delete files so I just had it formated. Now it appears as if it had only one 1g of space disk :o?! I anmounted and it doesnt seam to be a trash problem. It mounts fine, and does NOT appear at rythmbox. Oh but rythmbox does open everytime I connect it which is anoying.( I will take an advice on that too). Other MP3 player is working fine.
Case number two my Nokia C6120 only mount if I have it connected to the laptop at the time I boot. Which is what I always do as it must be eaiser than trying to learn how to mount it manually...
Any help? what info could I provide?