View Full Version : [ubuntu] Drive recognition

August 23rd, 2009, 03:14 AM
Installed Ubuntu 9.04 with no problems. MB is Abit KT7A-Raid with the IDE Channels used for drives as follows:

IDE Channel One Hard Drive, Maxtor, 13Gb (Win XP) master and DVD Rom slave
IDE Channel Two Hard Drive, Samsung, 80Gb (Ubuntu) master and DVD-RW slave
IDE Channel Three Hard Drive, Maxtor, 60Gb (Data FAT32) master, no slave
IDE Channel Four Hard Drive, Seagate, 80Gb (Data FAT32) master, no slave

WinXP Disk Management recognizes all four drives.

Ubuntu Places Computer shows the two Maxtor and the two DVD drives but not the Seagate although it is listed in fdisk.

The Maxtor is recognized in either Channel three or Channel four, the Seagate in neither. A Samsung, Hitachi and two other Maxtor disks substituting for the Seagate are recognized and show up in Places. I don't have a second Seagate to try. Is this a Seagate anomaly?

Is there a way to get the Seagate recognized?

Help would be appreciated.