View Full Version : [ubuntu] [Newb]Sound Problem. (Realtek AC'97)

August 22nd, 2009, 12:40 PM
Hello Ubuntu community!

Have just switched to linux yesterday, and what can I say-it's wonderful! I like it much more than windows.

But let's go straight to my problem.

I don't know how could I set up my sound for my 5.1 Realtek on-board AC'97 chipset.

I have tried googlin' searchin' in forums, no help.

What is the main problem?

ALSA mixer output is handling right front, rear and center outputs, and pulse is handling left side+sub.
One time I have managed to get something working by editing sound configs, but then Ubuntu interface sounds were too loud(they were louder than 100% volume music).

Could anyone give me links or advices how should I configure my sound system to work with one mixer step-by-step?

Thanks in advance!