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August 22nd, 2009, 08:28 AM
Dear all,

I've been using Linux for ten years now and (X)Ubuntu is just great! Still some things bug me. ;-)

My question is the following: When I come home I turn on my computer with XUbuntu, do "non-computer-related" stuff for a few minutes, log in and wait for XFCE and some applications (Claws-Mail, Firefox) to be launched. The last step takes almost as long as the actual booting.

How can I speed up the log-in process?

Logging in automatically after booting would be an option. Yet this assumes that I'm the only one using the PC. Sounds like Windows-times. ;-)

Can I configure XUbuntu in any way that the data necessary for XFCE, Firefox, Claws-Mail, etc. is already loaded into RAM while the log-in manager waits for me to enter my credentials?

That would be very helpful!



August 22nd, 2009, 08:34 AM
I'm missing something, I'm sure, but ...

If you don't want to assume that you're the only user of your computer (your comment on automatic login), then why would you assume that all of your users are going to be authorized to use XFCE, Firefox, Claws-Mail, etc.?

The reason that I ask is that until you are authenticated (i.e. login is complete), the computer doesn't know who you are, and what you're allowed to do on that computer.

One of the core reasons for Linux is the inherent security. Even with GNOME, my system still boots so much faster than the Windows 7 computer (similar configurations otherwise).

Just a thought,

August 22nd, 2009, 08:48 AM
Dear fballem,

you are absolutely right, I cannot be sure that I'm the only one using my PC. Yet in 99% of the times this is the case. If the relevant applications are loaded in the background it would not constitute a security threat. This are just libraries and "general" data, nothing related to my account.

Of course somebody not using XFCE, Firefox, Claws-mail, etc. might experience a certain delay during the log-in because everything has to be removed from RAM again. I just want my PC to do something useful after the log-in manager came up. Usually it takes at least a few minutes from then until when I return to my PC. Is there any harm if XFCE is already loaded to RAM even though somebody prefers KDE/Gnome/...?