View Full Version : [SOLVED] X-Window Reset

August 21st, 2009, 07:12 PM
This started a couple weeks ago.

I would be working in OOo Calc, or scrolling through something in Firefox and X would reset everything to Destop 1, and set visual effects to None. (Generally I have it set to Normal) I also noticed that when it does this, my desktop switcher changes from a 2x2 block to a 1x4 line on my lower panel.

It happened today; as I was scrolling through a Calc spreadsheet.

I can't figure out whats happening; or if I am accidentally hitting a key as I am scrolling through the spreadsheet that is causing X to shift everything.

Once I get the Visual Effect changed to normal, X starts performing real slow. I can click on a program in the lower panel, and watch it maximize on the screen. I have to reset X and then it appears that everything is back to normal.

Any ideas??