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August 21st, 2009, 05:01 PM
Hey everyone, i got a good puzzle for you all:

So when 9.04 came out, i upgraded, and i remember in 8.10 what a hassle it was to get my printer working. I dont remember what i did then, i didnt think to write it down but I had to do it again for 9.04. Needless to say i didnt know how and gave up until a month or two later, my printer just gets auto-configured or something and on my next boot it magically starts working. It is tied to a Windows Computer on my brothers network, it doesnt have its own IP [its one of those crappy OfficeJet 6310xi printers]. Then a few weeks back it stops working, so i try to add the printer to the printer config again. It doesnt even detect it when i browse the network. It just doesnt appear in the SMB browser.

I have really tried everything here, reconfiguring CUPS with the old device URI and the like : nothing. No matter what i do it just doesnt appear or work.

Does anyone have a similar problem? Can anyone offer some insight?

Thanks ahead,

August 21st, 2009, 06:57 PM
Alright I solved it, heres what i did (I already have HPLIP installed):

1. First i went to /etc/samba/smb.conf and i changed the workgroup to the windows workgroup name just in case. I also uncommented these lines (load printers and printing/printcap):

# If you want to automatically load your printer list rather
# than setting them up individually then you'll need this
load printers = yes

# CUPS printing. See also the cupsaddsmb(8) manpage in the
# cupsys-client package.
printing = cups
printcap name = cups

2. I restarted CUPS after this (NOTE: earlier I said I downgraded CUPS: DO NOT DO THIS!!! I have a good feeling it bricked my printing system and now i must reinstall everything... I recently found it works without downgrading)

sudo service cups restart

to restart CUPS and then...

3. I went to


to access the CUPS web interface and i proceeded to add my printer. This time around i used the smb:// protocol but i had a trick up my sleeve. I found the print host IP by running nmap on my network. This will be different for all of you depending on your router's make and model but mines a buffalo so the local IPs are 192.167.1.xxx

nmap -sP

and found PRINTHOST @

4. Back at the CUPS interface, I then inputted smb://HOME/ [my device URI from earlier in the year but i changed the server name to the IP address] and configured the ppd file etc and it worked.

Hope this can help some of you!

August 22nd, 2009, 05:00 PM
Ok I had another issue and fixed it. Maybe this is a result of the last fix, but if any of you followed it, here it is:

1. I couldnt use the printer and when i went to the printer management bar the new option was gray and there was no printer. I tried hitting connect but it said it could not connect. I tried viewing the CUPS config in my web browser at localhost:631 but it was no luck.

2. It was then that i used:

sudo service cups restart

cupsd came back and threw an error that the "child process exited with status 1."

3. I checked out /var/log/cups

cat error_log

and i got this:

E [22/Aug/2009:11:46:50 -0400] Unknown Policy Limit directive AuthType on line 21.
E [22/Aug/2009:11:48:59 -0400] Unknown Policy Limit directive AuthType on line 21.
E [22/Aug/2009:11:49:02 -0400] Unknown Policy Limit directive AuthType on line 21.
E [22/Aug/2009:11:51:35 -0400] Unknown Policy Limit directive AuthType on line 21.

4. So for any of you who have this problem, what i did was I editted the cupsd.conf (/etc/cups) file and on line 21 and any subsequent line that had this or anything similar:

<Location /admin/conf>
AuthType Default
Require user @SYSTEM
# Restrict access to the configuration files...
Order allow,deny

I changed it to:

<Location /admin/conf>
AuthType None
Require valid-user
# Restrict access to the configuration files...
Order allow,deny

Basically I changed its authorization type and Requirement setting so anyone can use the resource. I suppose this was a permissions error but instead of trudging through forums for that, I just changed it in the config file.


August 22nd, 2009, 05:51 PM
Alright the last issue with the "permissions" was not a fix it was a patch. I am getting many more different errors now which I am attempting to resolve. It may be more worth it to reinstall CUPS completely, I have a feeling that my earlier downgrade bricked the system.

I repeat, DO NOT do the downgrade procedure, it is too high risk and for most cases CUPS is sufficient. It was my mistake.