View Full Version : [ubuntu] Blank Screen while installing Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit

August 20th, 2009, 06:06 PM
I am trying to install Ubuntu desktop 64bit through CD. I have connected the computer to TV through VGA.

I could see Ubuntu getting loaded and it goes black. TV does not get any signal.

However it booted to Ubuntu Live CD since that is the default.

Again when I hit power off button I could see the Unbuntu unloading.

Seems to be driver issue, I have got Integrated Matrox G200.

I have searched for many forums, I didnt find any solution to this issue.

I am new to Unbuntu, could someone help me with this.

Thanks, Kiran.

August 20th, 2009, 06:10 PM
Here is my system configuration.


August 20th, 2009, 06:31 PM

seems that many people are having this problem

also it seems that xorg.conf is the culprit not the driver

will post more if i find anything else useful

sry i'm not really pro at Ubuntu, i just try to help ppl by googling lol...;

August 20th, 2009, 07:08 PM
Boot Options (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions) Scroll down to the section dealing with F4. You want to try safe graphics mode when installing.

if that fails try alternate text based installer (http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#alternate)

August 21st, 2009, 05:43 AM
heard alot of people saying lower the resolution see if that helps

not a permanent fix but better than nothing at the moment

August 21st, 2009, 02:00 PM
I tried safe mode and many vga combinations. TV throws warning that mode is not supported and shows list of modes. I tried all of them none works.

August 21st, 2009, 02:02 PM
I am hoping changing TV and getting a monitor would help. Any suggestions. Do you want me to lower the resolution of TV and then try to install?

August 21st, 2009, 02:04 PM
But when I tried to boot with red had linux 5 it recognizes Matrox G200 and the resolution 800*600 was automatically set and it works.