View Full Version : [jaunty] How to Reinstall Firefox/Fix its Errors?

August 20th, 2009, 02:45 PM
EDIT: Solved. Also, sorry for posting in the wrong forum. *Observed that I did such a few minutes after posting.*

Recently, I have installed the Tor proxy on my computer. During this installation (not necessarily as a result of it; just while I was waiting for it to download), Firefox started to glitch quite a bit. I've tried rebooting and apt-get remove/install to no avail.
Glitch list:

The address bar has become static; it no longer displays the current website I am at, only the last address I typed in. This is consistent throughout all tabs. Example: If I have google.com, mozilla.org, and ubuntuforums.org tabs open, and most recently opened/navigated to ubuntuforums.org, "ubuntuforums.org", and nothing else, will display in every tab's address bar.
The loading animation in the upper right corner doesn't work.

All assistance appreciated. :)

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