View Full Version : [all variants] GUI not working after upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid

August 20th, 2009, 11:27 AM
I tried to update Hardy to Intrepid using network updates. Everything seemed to be going fine until the system restarted. It started with a Mythbuntu splashscreen (I thought I had previously removed MythTV, apparently I didn't do so correctly!). It then gave me a "PC Display Settings Correct?" message. I'm able to access the the cli by using ctrl+alt+F1.

I did a apt-get install mythtv to replace any damaged components. It completed the install process, but then told me that I would need to set up the backend configuration using X. However, I still can't seem to get a graphic interface. I also did a apt-get update and tried to set through xorg.conf to resolve display issues. Any suggestions on what to try next?