View Full Version : [ubuntu] OFX Importer Plugin

August 19th, 2009, 10:20 PM
Hi everyone, don't seem to be getting anywhere asking in the beginners section so perhaps someone here can help...

I've just installed KMyMoney but need to import OFX files.

I've read around and tried various things that haven't worked but I'm really struggling.

Can someone please tell me what to do after I've installed the main program through the Add/Remove option in Ubuntu 9.0.4?

P.S. Things I've read and therefore tried:
sudo apt-get install ofx libofx4 libofx-dev
sudo apt-get install htdig



August 19th, 2009, 10:48 PM
Can anyone also tell me what I actually did install (see previous post)?

I would really appreciate it if someone could just throw me a bone. I don't understand why this plugin is not standard but I'm even more surprised that someone hasn't written an idiots guide (cos I need one).

August 19th, 2009, 11:25 PM
I would prefer it if people answered saying they don't know. I'm really struggling with this. What finance package do other people use?