View Full Version : [ubuntu] Java - Firefox - Website trouble

August 19th, 2009, 08:33 PM
I'm having trouble troubleshooting a probable Java problem.
The main site with the problem is:

I get part of the page, but the menus on the left side do not show up and
neither do the "iPod Shuffle" and "Mortgage Rates" ads at the bottom.

I have 4 Linux machines here, all work fine on this site except this one. All
are running Ubuntu 9.04. I've looked at all the applications and plugins
installed. (using Applications / Add/Remove and also Synaptic Package Manager)
All appear to be the same. (Now I didn't search through all the applications,
just searched on Flash and Java)
The machine that's not working with this is a new install, just trying to get
all the bugs worked out for the wife to be happy.

I've looked at all the plugins in Firefox, all are the same. Again, it works on
3 other Linux machines here. Hmmm....

The only difference in the installs is that the non-working machine has Ubuntu
installed inside Windows since I use an ipod Touch and can't get iTunes to play
nice in Linux/Wine. Oh, the web-site works fine when using Firefox in Windows on
this machine.

I've looked at the source code for the web page and it seems that this is
probably a Java issue, although I'm pretty green when it comes to HTML.

Ok, so what am I missing?