View Full Version : [ubuntu] pci usb2.0 card serve only usb1.1 on Asus P4S333c

August 19th, 2009, 05:16 PM
I have Asus P4S333c mobo and I'm happy with it for 6 years already.
However it doesn't have usb2.0 onboard so I got via pci usb2.0 card.
Unfortunately it doesn't work as usb2.0, only as usb1.1.
It's found by the system that shows: usbehci hub usb 2.0 but when I insert a flash it goes to usbuhci or usbohci that are usb1.0.
I believe the pic usb2.0 card is exactly to get usb2.0 and not only to extend an number of usb2.0 ports if exist on mobo.
How can I enable usb2.0 on this card?
Many thanks in advance:)