View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP Min MI Yea or Nea

Georgia boy
August 19th, 2009, 02:03 PM
Hi. Got a quick question for opinions on the HP Mini MI. I just got an email from HP and this was covered in it. I was reading and found the comparison to their regular Mini and the Mini MI interesting. Take a look at this and let me know what you think.

http://www.hp.com/united-states/consumer/everyday-computing/netbook-guide.html?hhosnl=hpn_1653|752469|B771626D9B777203 |A178B2B3452CEF6A96FFB441EAA29D47

If I'm reading it right it says that it runs on Ubuntu 8.04. Upgradeable to the next LTS or something else later? I don't know anything about laptops nor the netbooks. So when I got this I thought I would ask what you thought about it and if it's worth getting or not. Looks like a good price for it though. On something this small you can only use an USB to do any kind of upgrades though right?

Well, let me know what the good and bad is besides the size.