View Full Version : [ubuntu] ich10r and ubuntu crap?

August 19th, 2009, 08:47 AM
So I have an ic10r sb and I activated raid in windows 7 for 3 new 1.5tb hds I put in, I originally had a 500 gigabyte WD, which I was still using for the OS. So I just added the new hds and enabled RAID in the bios and selected the 3 new 1.5tb hds to make them go in RAID 5. Then I saved and exit and then Windows 7 halts during the boot and restarts... Confused I disabled RAID and then it worked... I didn't undersatnd why, but I was going to install Ubuntu anyway. So I installed Ubuntu 32bit, and it installed successuflyy and I am typing this message on this computer. But for some reason I dont see the RAID array in the my computer. Do I need some kind of drivers?