View Full Version : [ubuntu] snd-hda-intel and pulseaudio vu meters

August 19th, 2009, 03:05 AM
I have two machines running Jaunty. A big quad core AMD box (64-bit) and a 32-bit EEE900 (great little machine). Both have Intel hda sound.

For a variety of reasons I run pulseaudio (even on the desktop which is kubuntu) and for the most part it all works fine. Except one thing. The playback VU meters on the volume control or on pavumeter don't register anything for that device. On other devices (NULL, or the big machine's other sound card) it works fine. On the EEE the mic VU meter works. And remember, the sound is fine. I can see the program playing. I can move the stream, etc. etc. I just can't get the VU meter to work.

Up until today I didn't care. But I have been wanting to play with earcandy. Sounds cool (no pun intended) but it sees the no volume as a signal to fade the channel down to zero. That's a feature for things like firefox that don't let the audio channel go. But in my case it is killing the sound sources.

Any ideas?