View Full Version : [ubuntu] MythTV + afatech af9015 on jaunty = serious bugs

August 18th, 2009, 10:30 PM
I managed to install my DVB-T USB TV STICK (af9015 chipset) on ubuntu jaunty and it works fine with vlc media player. But I want to use mythtv to watch TV since it ables to record, pause and many more. I configured mythtv with mythtv-setup command and then launched mythfrontend. I could see only video and no audio. Mythtv uses "ALSA:default" as the audio output device, and "ALSA:default" as the mixer device. Morever, I couldn't play an mp3 file with the mythmusic plugin.
Another issue with mythtv is that when switching channels mythtv freezes with a message that I have gotten a channel lock, and then a video error message. Nothing like this happens to me on vlc.

Any ideas would be very appreciated !