View Full Version : [ubuntu] SATA hard drive is not recognized

August 18th, 2009, 07:22 PM
Note: I'm not sure if this directly is related to Ubuntu, but it could be. And even if it's not, maybe someone knows what is going on.

So, I inherited an old (~5 years I think) computer at work. It has a 400 GB SATA drive that I want to replace with a 1 TB SATA drive. It also has Ubuntu 8.04 installed on another hard drive that I am not messing with at all.

When I replace the old drive with the new drive, it is not recognized at all (sudo fdisk -l, System Monitor, and gparted all don't show it). I have switched them back and forth a few times to make sure I'm not going crazy, and it's always the same. Old drive works fine, new drive doesn't show up anywhere.

So, the obvious conclusion here is that the new drive must be broken. But I tried it in another computer (running Windows, for what it's worth) and it was recognized fine.

So, two questions...
1. Could Ubuntu be the problem? Is there anything special I have to do to get it to see a new drive?
2. If Ubuntu isn't the problem, does anyone have any idea what the problem could be, in general? I'm not a hardware expert, so I don't know if this type of problem is common.

Thanks in advance!