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August 18th, 2009, 11:16 AM

I'm trying to write what should be a fairly simple bash script right now, but I've never written in BASH before so I needed help setting up the command line interpretation.

The script is used to re-encode videos into a format that is slightly nicer on my display hardware, and I don't really have any problems with the video encoding stuff, it's just the command line. I want to be able to say something like this:

resize.sh -crf 21 movie.mkv television\ show\ ep*.mkv -a 1.33
This would re-encode movie.mkv and every episode of "television show" with a constant quality of 21 and an aspect ratio of 1.33:1 (4:3).

So here is what I have so far:

processArguments() {
while getopts "ha:r:" optionName; do
case "$optionName" in
h) echo "Help is on the way." ;;
a) aspect=$OPTARG;;
r) res=$OPTARG;;
[?]) echo "Both -a and -r require one argument"; exit 1;;

# Input file processing
eval file=\$$OPTIND

if [[ -z $file ]];
echo -e "${colorError}Error: Please enter a file name$colorEnd"
exit 1
if [ ! -f $file ]; then
echo -e "${colorError}Error: File does not exist or is a directory$colorEnd"
exit 1

# Resolution processing
if [ "$res" ]; then
if [ "$aspect" ]; then
echo -e "${colorWarning}Warning: You have selected both an aspect ratio and a resolution. Defaulting to selected resolution.$colorEnd"

x=`echo "$res" | sed "s/x[0-9]*$//"`
y=`echo "$res" | sed "s/^[0-9]*x//"`

if [[ `echo $res | grep -o "x" | wc -l | sed s/\ //g` -ne 1 ]] || ! [[ "$x" =~ ^[0-9]+$ ]] || ! [[ "$y" =~ ^[0-9]+$ ]] ; then
echo -e "${colorError}Error: Malformed Resolution$colorEnd" >&2
exit 1
elif [ "$aspect" ]; then
if ! [[ "$aspect" =~ ^[0-9]+([.][0-9]+)?$ ]]; then
echo -e "${colorError}Error: Aspect ratio must be a floating point number$colorEnd" >&2
exit 1

xFactor=`echo "$x / $divis" | bc`
yFactor=`echo "$xFactor / $aspect" | bc -l`
#echo "x: $xFactor y: $yFactor"
yFactor=`printf "%.0f" $yFactor`
y=$((yFactor * 16 ))
#user has made no selection
echo -e "${colorWarning}Warning: No aspect ratio or resolution was specified. Setting to default.$colorEnd"

So far this works alright but there are some specific limitations that are holding me back:
1) I can only encode one video at a time
2) I can't get non-option arguments that have spaces, even if they're escaped
3) I can't have option-arguments after the video filename
4) I'm having trouble with the aspect ratio based resolution selection in the math: if the unrounded y factor is supposed to be 22.5 it should round up, but it comes back as 22.4987987 and rounds down using "echo "$xFactor / $aspect" | bc -l", so is there a better more accurate way to do that math?

Also, just in general this seems like a lot of code to do some relatively simple stuff, and I wanted to know if maybe I was going about this the wrong way. Is getopts the right option? Is there a better way to round? Any other style suggestions for a first time basher?

Thanks all so much,

August 19th, 2009, 08:04 PM