View Full Version : [ubuntu] noob question devils pie and pidgin

August 18th, 2009, 03:12 AM
hi all: I'm a new user of Ubuntu, and I want new pidgin conversations to open as they do normally (without automatically switching to them), but maximized (They normally open occupying only half of the screen). I installed devils pie to that end, but I cant get it to do what I want:

- If I only put (maximize), the window maximizes but focus automatically switches to it, which I don't desire.

- I've also tried with (begin(maximize)(below)), but the window stays back and I have to minimize all windows to get to it (clicking on the taskbar doesn't bring it up).

-(begin(maximize)(minimize)) gets the same result as above... (have to minimize all windows to get to it).

I know it's really a minor issue, but resolving it would give me a better understanding of windows managing, et al.

thanks in advance,