View Full Version : Installing XP, Need help!

August 17th, 2009, 06:33 PM
I'm running jaunty with FDE, I need windows to use XNA :(
I've tried everything, mono.XNA and virtual mahcines. Someone have a solution for this? Looked into usb sticks and external hd installs of XP but getting visual studios on these didnt look promising.

If i install windows on a secondary slave will it over write grub on the primary?(windows likes to do that)

I've never installed to a secondary before and i'm worried it will overwrite the MBR on my primary. And since i'm using full disk ecryption, getting grub back on and configured right will be a major pain im sure. It also prevents me from resizing the partition.


I'm assuming the hard drive is IDE as it's only 10GB. A friend is dropping it off later, i forgot to ask what kind it was. I have some IDE connections on my mobo(dvd drive uses it), but majority are SATA(what current HD uses). Will this be a problem? Last time i tried connecting a IDE HD with windows on it, it started to load windows then failed.

Come to think of it, im pretty sure im gonna have to take power from my dvd drive to power the drive. Unless it takes the new power connectors. Do they make adapters for the new power connectors ---> molex?

The whole process seems simple but as you can see, there are a number of things i'm not sure of. Thanx for any info you can give me.