View Full Version : [ubuntu] Server Install Script(s)

August 17th, 2009, 08:15 AM
The base concept of Amahi home server is quite good (http://www.amahi.org/) - in that you can have a range of applications installed and working with very little effort. The pain of setting up the server is gone.

This seems to be rather like the one or two click concept that synaptic uses on the desktop without for example the pain of setting up multiple virtual servers in Apache or … well there are lots of challenges in going beyond the basic server install from the CD. Webmin incidentally, often suggested as the solution to all problems does not answer the need, Webmin is just a gui.

Amahi however appears to be not quite a home server even though that is what they say it is. It looks like a remote server which is accessed from home. Fine if you have a great and trusted Internet connection but dangerous if you have poor and unreliable Internet like .. me.

Does anyone know of any scripts which have been put together to allow “automatic” installation and configuration of a range of server applications? Setting up a base server is dead easy. Getting anything to subsequently install on top of that is a huge challenge and consumes time often without any obvious progress.