View Full Version : Market Value of running Photorec/Testdisk? (recovering 'deleted' data)

August 16th, 2009, 08:16 AM
What do you think one could charge for this service on craigslist.org and expect to make some beer money on the side?

think of where your friends/family would be, if they did not know you. that is the target customer.

(also, for those that haven't played with photorec or testdisk... i suggest you do!)

here is my draft CL ad.

Deleted Pictures/Videos/Data RECOVERY from Cameras, SmartPhones, USB, etc

"Ah Crap, I didn't mean to delete that picture!"
"I loaned my camera to someone, I wonder what pictures they took with it and then deleted..."

Well, I may be able to recover them for you. $15 for the attempt, $60 to take the data home with you if I am successful.

The $15 attempt is for media 4gb or smaller. Larger, and the price goes up proportionally because this is what takes the most time.

Call me or e-mail if you want more information, including technical details and privacy issues.

If you are interested, take NO MORE PICTURES and SAVE NO MORE DATA to your SmartPhone, Camera, thumb drive, etc, until *after* you get in touch with me.

I am located in ______ on _____ street. You can drop off overnight, or watch me work my magic if you like.

-phone number here-

edit: the 'privacy issues' would essentially consist of: "i dont care if i see a bong or needle - i will assume it is prescription and/or you and your buddies are all medical professionals. but if i see kiddy porn or a body in your basement, i will immediately call the police."