View Full Version : [ubuntu] My laptop has gone nuts

August 16th, 2009, 02:19 AM
hello to everyone, i've been operating ubuntu for the past year and a half and i still feel like a dumb-*** newbie(excuse me for the bad language). now the problem started when i wanted to connect my s-video cable to the tv. so what i did was take the svideo cable connect the one end to my laptop and the other to the tv.. no display on the tv so what did i do? System>preferences>screen resolution clicked on the box called unknown(there were 2 one called laptop and the other unknown) and then both panels disappeared. so i then connect the svideo cable again and i realised that the problem was not the screen resolution but the fact that the cable needed to be forced into the tv. but i was left with the damn problem of no panels.. so i type in some commands to restore panels and noting append!!! so i click the scroll mouse button and what i could see is a dual dsktop on each side of the cube.. one was the normal desktop with both panels everything fine and the other the f@#kt up one which is also the one that is displayed on my monitor. so my question is how can i fix this thing?
any quick response will be much appreciated as i need to use the laptop on a daily basis for my studies.. i'm also gonna try uploading an image of how my desktop ended up