View Full Version : [ubuntu] Middle PS2 mouse button delay (Hardy)

August 15th, 2009, 09:06 PM
I have 8.04.3 (Hardy) installed fresh. I have a PS2 3-button mouse connected, which works fine. However there is a subtle problem with the mouse when I am playing the video game Urban Terror.

Urban Terror uses SDL. The problem is when I press the middle mouse button, keep it pressed down, then let go very quickly and press it again right away, the second press won't register until after a slight delay. Well, there is a delay sometimes and no delay other times.

This was not happening on Ubuntu 6.06. Am wondering if anyone has any clue of where to look. Is this an Xorg issue? SDL? I'm using nvidia-glx.

I tried the middle mouse button in an emacs buffer, by pasting text. I cannot reproduce the problem on the Desktop, it happens only in-game.