View Full Version : [ubuntu] Unable to boot Ubuntu from SanDisk Cruzer mini

August 15th, 2009, 01:29 AM
Initially, I was able to successfully use my 1gig SanDisk Cruzer flash drive
as a boot disk for Ubuntu jaunty.

I erased the ubuntu content and tried making the 1gig SanDisk Cruzer
a windowsXP boot drive. I was unsuccessful.

I tried to make the same SanDisk flash drive an Ubuntu Jaunty boot
disk again but, now I get a "Boot Error" message .

The first time that I made it an ubuntu boot disk, I did not format it.

But the second time I formatted it as a Fat32, and I also tried formatting it as NTFS.
But, I still get the same error message, "Boot Error", when I try to
boot from it.

NOTE: U3 is not on my flash drive.

August 15th, 2009, 09:44 PM
I have formatted all of my boot disks EXT2 when I have put a raw filesystem on it.

An alternative would be to format it as FAT and pretend it was a boot CD. Sort of like this (these instructions are not for Ubuntu however): http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/liveusb.xml