View Full Version : having the same problem with many different music players

August 14th, 2009, 03:23 AM
This may not seem like a programming question, but hear me out I think it has something to do with libraries installed on my system.

I've gone through probably 5 music players this week (rhythmbox, banshee, songbird, listen, amarok...did I miss any) and all of them have had varying problems, but one thing that seems to persist is that file names are never what I change them to. In Listen, Banshee and Rhythmbox especially I am constantly re-renaming my songs because when I close they go back to what they were (or sometimes won't change at all, I have probably 1 gb of music that is filed in artist 'unknown' that simply won't go anywhere in Listen, if I change the artist name the songs appear under that artist's name but are still in unknown too).

This is happening often, on more than a few music players, I'm starting to wonder if this has to do with a library or something on my system.

I really like Listen music player and I really want to make it work, I even compiled the latest from source (0.6.3) and had better luck with it finding my songs, but I still can't get names to change. Can anyone suggest....anything? I'm having this problem on way too many programs for this to be coincidence.